Alianza Flamenca was founded in Johannesburg in 1994 by a group of experienced flamenco dance teachers who found there was a need for a specialized flamenco dance training method in South Africa.

The Syllabus Coordination Committee (a panel of four experts in the art of flamenco) set about designing a syllabus which would provide pupils with a sound knowledge of flamenco rhythms, styles and techniques.

In 1995, the syllabus was implemented and taught in various dance studios in South Africa and in Greece - Alianza’s continued growth has seen branches established in Australia, Malta,Germany and the UK.

Over the years Alianza Flamenca has invited various world-renowned maestros, such as Manolo Marin, La Tati, Carmella Greco, La Truco, and Domingo Ortega and Leonor Leal to conduct Easter Seminars and inspire students and young teachers of flamenco.

Since it’s inception, Alianza has staged various productions and held teacher’s courses to enhance the standard of teaching within the association.

Internationally reknowned Maestro, Domingo Ortega was invited to be Alianza’s patron - unpon accepting he expressed to the members that “…it was an honour to be associated with people who showed sensitivity, humility and integrity as flamenco teachers and students.”